Copper Management with the SÜDKUPFER Customer Platform: How our customer Partzsch Spezialdrähte benefits from it.

Author: Anela Blazevic | Armin Mohn

We’ve had a close and trusting collaboration with Partzsch Spezialdrähte for several years.

In personal conversations – not only in terms of market assessment and strategies – both sides realized some time ago that there is a need for a digital, simple and secure way of handling the entire copper management process. We as developers and Partzsch as users of the platform accepted the challenge of pushing the boundaries of the usual.

The SÜDKUPFER customer platform is a digital platform that not only promises but also delivers! Over 100 SÜDKUPFER customers already use the platform regularly for their daily copper transactions – become one of them!

Here's what our customer, Partzsch Sepzialdrähte, says about the SÜDKUPFER Customer Platform:

“When we first heard about the new SÜDKUPFER Customer Platform, we were quite intrigued. We were told it was something entirely new, user-friendly, and very easy to use. After registering, we were immediately impressed by the ‘cockpit’ – a central place where we can effortlessly manage the copper account balance, planned releases, open orders and invoices, as well as orders for price fixations and releases.

The digital copper account and the ability to download documents simplify the daily handling of our copper transactions – around the clock. Everything we need is available with just one ‘click,’ and the simple user guidance provides very easy handling. The customer platform is indispensable in our daily work with SÜDKUPFER – allowing us to efficiently manage our copper transactions. It’s a great example of successful digitalization that puts the customer at the center.”

Tina Büttner, Partzsch Spezialdrähte

Armin Mohn from SÜDKUPFER comments:

“We are incredibly proud of our customer platform. With the customer platform, we have fully achieved our goal of simplifying our customers’ day-to-day business and created a transparent, user-friendly, and secure system. The entire story behind the customer platform consistently embodies our business philosophy – always focusing on the needs of our customers. The customer platform quickly established itself in the daily operations of many of our customers, showing that digitalization can create real added value!”


Get ready to take your copper transactions to a new level!

The success story of Partzsch Spezialdrähte with the new SÜDKUPFER Customer Platform is just the beginning. The constant evolution of technologies allows us to continuously expand and improve the customer platform. Future updates will aim to further enhance efficiency, making your daily work even more comfortable. Whether you work in a small to medium-sized enterprise or a globally operating company – we’ll provide you with features that optimally support your copper transactions!


To ensure that you always get the most out of the SÜDKUPFER Customer Platform, Heike Ohlenberg (Tel. +49 7022 9566 33, Email: and Manuel Bauer (Tel. +49 7022 9566 88, Email: are available for any questions or training.

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