7 good reasons in favour of cooperation with Südkupfer keeping the copper price a calculable element for you.

Make use of the benefits that Südkupfer is offering you. This keeps your calculation reliable and your copper purchase economical.


You hedge your copper price for the desired quantity with us.


You stay flexible in terms of the delivery destination, delivery quantity and delivery date. Your copper price is a fixed item.


You are completely free in your choice of your upstream supplier for the processing of the copper.


You benefit from price hedging and physical logistics from one source.


You have long-term calculation reliability by means of a hedged copper price and less risk.


At suedkupfer-news.com you can view the current stock market listing at any time and can keep an eye on copper prices.


Our customer platform kundenportal.suedkupfer.de provides you with maximum comfort in handling your copper account and you can submit price fixation orders as well as release orders to us.